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Every day.  Check-up.


There is no one-size-fits-all. Flex gives you personalized daily coaching and diagnosis based on your individual health data and needs.

The future of healthcare in the palm of your hands.

One app. Everything for weight loss.

Fitness Coaches
Friendly, experienced doctors
Nutrition Coaches, Dietitians, Therapists

Daily activities prescribed.

New "triggers and routines" prescribed by your coach.

Habit transformation through the Flex activity stream
A team of doctors and specialists in your pocket

12:30 PM

1 PM

1:30 PM

Reminders to weigh in on your smart body composition scale
Daily reminders to walk
Daily prescribed activities like "Checking your blood glucose"

My Activities

4 pillars of metabolic health covered (food, exercise, sleep and stress).

Habits Transformed

The habit loop is a neurological loop that governs any habit. The habit loop consists of three elements: triggers, routines and rewards. We built the activity stream to create new triggers and rewards prescribed by your doctor.

Triggers - Time or location based reminders & notifications

Flex makes it easy to adopt new healthy habits with time or location based "triggers" prescribed by your care team.

Routines - Walk, meditate, measure

Take medications, exercise, walk, meditate... The Flex app helps establish new routines to transform your health.

Rewards - Outcomes or insights

Personalized insights and achievements. Over time, you will see and realize the health improvements from adopting new healthy habits.

Comprehensive health data

All your health data in one place.

Data is just a number without an insight.

All your key vitals, across all your smart devices: body composition scale, blood pressure cuff, CGM, smart watch (Apple Watch, Google Fit). Learn how each new habit affects your overall health.

Accountability - Real-time feedback from your care team.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly insights to personalize your weight loss journey.

Comparative insights that show how one aspect of your health impacts another.

Schedule doctor visits anytime, anywhere.

My care team, anywhere, anytime.

Your care team anywhere, anytime.

Caring and experienced coaches, doctors and specialists to prescribe, guide and support you throughout your health and weight loss journey. All from the convenience of a single app.

Care Team

Telemedicine visits with your Flex Care Team
Message with your Flex care team through the app
Video or voice calls with your Flex provider

Voice, Video or Chat - Safe, Secure and Convenient

Easy Scheduling - No more waiting weeks to receive care

Monitoring nutrition? We've made difficult easy.

Tracking macros in a snap

Calories, fats, proteins, carbs and fiber in a snap. Yes, simply snap a photo of your plate, confirm portion sizes and our AI does the rest.

Food Intake

Point, Shoot, Eat

Logging your food has never been easier


A collaborative app that works with everything.

Remote monitoring - share your vitals with your clinician from anywhere

All your key vitals, across all your health devices: scales, blood pressure cuff, CGM, smart watch (Apple Watch, Google Fit). Learn how each new habit affects your overall health.

See your health improvements over time

Real-time sharing. Finally, your care team can monitor and personalize your program in real time.

Health Outcomes, Realized.

4 pillars of metabolic health covered- exercise, food, sleep and stress.

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