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Buy now, pay later.

Medication included.

no fees. 

not even hidden ones.



to your credit.




no interest.

Fast and easy to apply with no impact to your credit score.

less than

10 minutes to apply

same day


3-6 or 12 month program

low monthly payments

Created by Flex.

Made for You.

Everything you need to realize a new you.

Flex Premium App

Flex Bundles

GLP-1 Medications

We offer doctor-prescribed, clincally appropriate medications such as Zepbound®, Wegovy®, Mounjaro®, Ozempic® and Semaglutide.

Flex Starter Kit

Everything you need for a healthy start, including an at-home blood spot test to check, a smart body composition scale and your Flex Membership card.

Care Team

Hands-on, personalized coaching from your Flex doctor, nutritionist or dietitian, fitness coach and more. All from the convenience of the Flex app.

Flex Bundles

Yes, Flex Pay includes everything, even the things you didn't know you needed.

We've brought together the best brands and products for your weight loss journey.


Our purpose is to make the world a better place by bringing life-changing health technologies to the people who need them. That’s our commitment to helping you live your best life.  Bundle includes two Continuous Glucose Monitors.


Drip Hydration was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing cutting-edge wellness treatments to people all over the world. Since then, we have become the leading mobile medical provider, having treated thousands of clients in over 65 cities worldwide. Bundle includes one at-home Flex Meyers Cocktail IV treatment which includes B Complex vitamins, Vit B12, Vit C and Magnesium.


Eufy creates intuitive, human-first technology that frees consumers and their families from worry. And enriches their lives to be one they truly love. Eufy, built with care.  Bundle includes one smart body composition scale.


Our expertise resides in medication pricing, sourcing, distribution, strategy and marketing. With decades of real world knowledge, we set out to build the most efficient and cost effective pharmacy in the United States.  Bundle includes a four month subscription to Pill Pass.


We're a global diagnostic healthcare company harnessing science for human good. Every day our mission is to improve health and improve lives.  Bundle includes one HbA1C + Cholesterol and Lipid test.


Founded in 2019 by two brothers in garages in New Fairfield, Connecticut and Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, our goal is to change the narrative of online fitness shopping by providing great fitness products at competitive prices. Bundle includes one light and one medium resistance band set.


At Takeya, we're on a constant quest for improvement, from the technology in our innovative bottles to our unwavering commitment to creating a better bottle for a better you. Our designs prioritize optimal performance with standout features for refreshing sipping all day.  Bundle includes one 64oz Motivational Water Bottle.


Thorne HealthTech, Inc. is a science-based wellness company that offers products, services, and data to help people improve and maintain their health. Thorne's mission is to help people live healthier lives by providing personalized, scientific wellness.  Bundle includes: 1) Thorne MediClear-SGS™, 2) FiberMend® Prebitiotic, 3) Thorne Amino Complex, 4) FloraMend Prime Probiotic® and 5) Collagen Plus®.


As the industry’s first Clean Label Project certified protein bar, protein cookie, and clear whey protein powder brand, WICKED Protein focuses on ingredient transparency and contaminant level testing to ensure its customers are safe in the short and long term. Bundle includes 24 single serve protein pouches, 6 different flavors. 


Zen Nutrients supplements are designed to be targeted for specific medical conditions. They are physician and pharmacist formulated with research backed, premium quality ingredients. We manufacture our supplements in the USA, in a state-of-the-art FDA registered facility.  Bundle includes one 60 pill supply of PeptideVite™ daily GLP-1 support vitamin.

*We reserve the right to substitute any of these items or quantities.
**Prescribed Items will vary based on what’s clinically approved for you. 

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